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Led by certified professionals, Oconn Systems (Nigeria) Limited is a high-value Business Technology and Management Consulting firm serving several industries across many verticals. We combine very deep insight into various business domains with core expertise in technology to collaborate with clients to achieve overall organizational excellence.

Round Up

Founded in 2008 to provide Digital WCM (Web Content Management) leadership to corporations, Oconn Systems by late 2013 began transformation into a well groomed Management and Technology company. Today, our notable client list include IOCs, national forward-looking firms including large-scale E&P and EPC ventures with staff strength of between 500 and over 2000 employees in multiple locations.


We start with Customer use case, not the technology. Then we determine what the right technologies are to support that use case and build integrated solutions to meet that Customer's need.

Todd Parone, Vice President of Global Solutions at EMC

Through a combination of fine-tuned Information, tested Technologies and trusted Best Practices, we create solutions and provide services that support clients to move from being new businesses to becoming established industry brands. For leading companies, Oconn specialists,  together with clients look in to provide appropriate management tools that help sustain and grow the upward curve.

The results we deliver, the cost-effectiveness of our solutions and the principles to work in the best interest of customers invariably turn our clients to loyal friends. Hence our ability to consistently maintain business relationships: some client relations is currently advancing beyond six years.

Every business need is unique. We place people before technology and do not presume "we've done it before", so we love to sit to learn, listen, feel and Analyze our clients requirement to know how our skills and experiences can best solve problems or improve solutions. For every project, we plan solutions with the future in mind, leaving room for Adaptive Expansion and Risk Management

This is an age of picture and sound, so we work to balance design and functionality to deliver results that enhances business image and function to improve the bottom-line.


Team & Alliance

With a combined 42 years industry experience, our in-house consultants bring to every project skill and a network of diverse versatile colleagues spanning three continents. Our internal team includes an Oracle certified JAVA Programmer, a Cisco certified Network Engineer, Microsoft Information Architect and a University of Oxford trained Solution Analyst.

Oconn Systems is a truly modern service company. Rather than have inexperienced disgruntled vault of employees, we consistently grow and maintain our network of talented professionals for availability on various project requirement. For critical enterprise class I.T. and Management needs, this is a big advantage to our clients as we're able to offer service at the level expected of a large organization (such as Accenture and IBM) at a very competitive price ensuring the deliverables do not only meet their needs but also attain global standards.