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The hallmark of our services is not the skills or experiences we possess but the attitude of Strategy, Dependability, Integrity, Commitment, and all the good names that make our project approach something to trust.

Najite Okpada, Independent IT Consultant & Managing Partner at Oconn Systems


We are constantly in search of talented skilled IT professionals. If you think you meet that sleuth our client high demands require, no matter where you are located pls do send an email containing:

  1. An essay, detailing why you think you are the person for Oconn.
  2. Your resume, containing particularly details on previous project(s) you participated in.

Any question about the above? Email us HERE



Whatever distance we have covered in industry, people made them happen. Whatever the future we foresee, we basically are dreaming on relying on people.

Our doors are open to partnerships and referals. In fact, we exist largely on referrals (from having delivered excellence previously).

To begin a discussion on our requirement for partnership, pls fill THIS FORM